The Online Race Night Series

Most of us are now spending a good part of our day “surfing” the Internet but few of us are getting much exercise while doing it. More time spent online is cited as one of the factors in weight gain and for the increase in obesity. However there is a healthy online activity being conducted daily by a growing number of people and it’s all in the name of good clean fun.

You’ve rowed indoors and maybe rowed on the water but have you ever rowed online? Online rowing is fun, addictive (in a good way) and great motivation to keep you exercising. Anybody can do it and you don’t even have to get off your seat. All you need is a Concept2 rowing machine and digital rowing software and you are set to row online in real time with other people across the city or around the world.

On Monday I participated in Concept2′s online Race Night Series. The RNS is a once-a-month group of rowing races for people who like a regular competitive activity without having to travel far and it takes place on the virtual river. This month’s RNS was a series of three 500 meter races that included rowers from around the world including the Royal Navy, UK, Poland, New Zealand and New York City. See yours truly in the green shirt pulling up the rear.

But you don’t have to race to experience the benefits of online rowing. On any given day there are many scheduled rows that anyone can join in and any pace is great. With online rowing it’s also possible for crew teams of two, four or eight people to race each other in real time from different locations. You are limited only by the number of rowing machines in your gym. For more information on online rowing contact Mike at Indoorance.

Row Strong!

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