High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Lately there’s a lot of buzz in the fitness industry about a new breed of exercise classes on offer at gyms around the country. These group classes, such as Crunch’s ’BodyShred’ and Equinox’s ‘Whipped’ attempt to put a new spin on a not so new training method.

High Intensity Interval Training has been used by high-performance athletes for years and now some New York fitness clubs are introducing it to their members. Its not surprising in a city that prizes efficiency. HIIT packs as much energy as possible into as little time as possible, but you don’t have to sign up for the latest HIP exercise class to get the benefits of HIIT training.

Your gym already has the best exercise equipment for doing HIIT training. The indoor rower or Erg is by far the most effective method of HIIT training because it’s a total-body workout that combines cardio and strength exercise and you can’t cheat! The Performance Monitor even has a variety of preset HIIT workouts to choose from.

What busy executive or endorphin junkie wouldn’t want to fit a full-body workout into a lunch hour and still have time to eat?  Try one of these workouts for your next power lunch.

Go to the Main Menu on the PM. Select Workout > Custom List > and choose either the 30s/30 r or the 1.40/20 r for a 1 or 2 min interval. Repeat 10 times for a 10 or 20 min workout. That still leaves time for a shower and a sandwich and you’re gonna need it.

Note: HIIT is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a max effort and a warmup but the payoff is worth the effort. It is recommended to find a trainer or coach who can teach you the proper rowing technique.

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