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The ability to measure and track performance is an essential component of any successful athlete’s program. Until recently the tools available to accurately measure fitness performance were confined to the exercise lab. The availability of commercial exercise ergometers with power technology, such as the CycleOps and Wattbike and the Concept2 row machine, has opened up a new science in fitness training, power-based exercise.

SarisClubBikesPower in watts, is the most direct measure of the “work” that goes into a workout and enables you to more accurately quantify training load and intensity beyond standard heart rate monitoring. Training with power helps you to work smarter and more efficiently and to achieve results faster than you would without it.

cycleopsIndoorance® combines interactive power-based indoor rowing and cycling on state-of-the-art exercise equipment, to deliver a more efficient and effective training program with measurable results.c2pm

 The CycleOps and Concept2 performance monitors showing power display in watts.

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